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Paddle boarding - 2 hours

Join one of our super friendly and enthuisiastic instructors for a 2 hour fun and games session at Frankwell. Want to learn the basics, technical info or simply just have a hell of a laugh then this is for you. from paddling in a straight line to wheelies or a head stand on the board we have it covered for just £25 per person.

check availability and dates below.


We supply fresh, clean and new equipment including

Your paddle board


Buoyancy aid(optional when wearing leash for adults)

Wetsuit (either 3mm or 5mm)

Helmet (optional for adults)



Cost £25 per person

How does it work?

We meet you at Frankwell, and run the session from there.

There are limited changing facilities so be prepared to potentially be getting changed in the carpark.

You will need foot wear whilst on the water.

Its best to wear your swimming gear under your wetsuit, cotton clothing normally makes you colder  under the wetsuit.

COVID - 19 restrictions...

- maximum 6 people at at time

- Social distancing rules adhered to.  

- All equipment cleaned after use.

Wednesday night socials

Join us for a couple of hours fun and games splashing around at Frankwell, Shrewsbury.

either join onto the fun instructed session or just head off and explore the river on a paddle board at sunset.

6pm - 8pm

£15 per person

wetsuits included

bring footwear